Agronomy Guide for Multi-Species Swards and Clover Management

With constant fluctuation in the price of inputs like fertiliser and feed many farmers are looking at multi-species swards and managing clover content in the sward as options to reduce their reliance on expensive inputs and increase their profitability.

Farmers are experiencing first hand the benefts of a diverse grass platform and while the management of MSS differs to traditional grass paddocks, they are gaining confidene in including more diverse mixtures on the grazing platform.

DLF invites farmers to join the Facebook DLF MSS Discussion Group to learn from other farmers and experts in this field. Scan the QR code below with your phone camera to link to the page or click on the image.

DLF Agronomy Guide for Multi-Species Swards and Clover Management​ click here



DLF Multi-Species Swards Discussion Group. Click or scan the QR code to request to join.

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