Sinclair McGill CastleHerb

A scientifically formulated multi-species mixture or herbal ley consisting of 40% productive forage grasses and 30% each of forage herbs and legumes. CastleHerb is a diverse mix with 15 species.
This four year mixture is suitable for sheep and lambs, beef cattle and dairy young stock.
Mixtures of this type have the potential to out-yield perennial ryegrass leys receiving up to 250 kgsN/ha.

CastleHerb can dramatically increase liveweight gain in cattle and finish lambs even faster than clover rich pastures.

The protein rich legumes not only have nutritional benefits but also fix atmospheric nitrogen eliminating the need for fertilizer once established.
The herbs draw up minerals and trace elements which provide health benefits including reducing the parasitic burden in the gut.
CastleHerb also makes an ideal break-crop in an arable rotation enriching the organic content of the cycle and breaking pest and disease cycles. It can also break a blackgrass cycle and build up fertility for ensuing arable crops.
  • Low input high output
  • Improves soil organic content and fertility
  • Faster liveweight gain at much lower cost
  • Improved animal health
  • Good for the environment
Matrix enhanced Ryegrass, Timothy, Late perennial ryegrass, Intermediate perennial ryegrass, Meadow Fescue, Red Clover, Cheviot White Clover Blend, Alsike, Bird’s -Foot Trefoil, Forage Chicory, Sainfoin, Forage Plantain, Sheep’s Burnet, Yarrow, Sheep’s Parsley