Turf Quality Seed

Turf Quality Seed (TQS) is the purest seed on the market. This can only be achieved by a series of processes from breeding, field production, logistics and finally, delivery to the customer. Each link in the chain has to be followed carefully to ensure success. 


BREEDING: In the same way that only the best lots are entered into trials, only the highest quality lots are selected to go forward to produce pre basic seed. This seed is produced in small plots that are closely monitored. Harvesting and cleaning is done with small machines which can be cleaned down easily between plots.

CLEAN PRODUCTION FIELDS: TQS production begins with the cleanest basic seed and impurities are not allowed. In order to achieve high quality, seed contracts are made with the most knowledgeable and experienced growers who select seed from the cleanest fields. If this is not possible in Europe, then growers will be chosen elsewhere to achieve these exacting standards.

HARVESTING AND PROCESSING: TQS fields and seed lots are specifically identified and labelled throughout the process. During harvest, combine harvesters receive extra attention for cleanliness. If there is any doubt about the quality of part of a field, this area is isolated and discarded. During the cleaning process, TQS lots undergo extra attention in the warehouse. The seed is cleaned slowly in order to get the highest possible quality.

EXTENSIVELY TESTED: TQS lots undergo thorough tests in order to check on the success of the whole process. Normal seed lots are tested at the end of the process only, whereas TQS lots are tested after cleaning, blending and packaging. Normal seed lots are checked for purity in 2,500 seeds per lot, TQS lots are checked three times in 25,000 seeds per lot. Normal seed lots are checked for purity by visual examination only whereas TQS lots of ryegrass and tall fescue are checked for lolium multiflorum in a grow test as well.

THE RESULT IS SUPERIOR QUALITY: Only if NO other seeds are found in these examinations, will the lot be granted the S1 TQS description. If the seed lot contains NO coarse grasses, but some traces of un-harmful Dicot species, it will be labelled S2 TQS. And in case no other seeds are found in the examination of 2,500 seeds, but a trace is found in the tenfold quantity, the seed will be labelled as A - TQS. Our procedures ensure that all our products meet the required standards. TQS exceeds these standards.

SPECIALIST SPORTS TURF MIXTURE SERVICE: We are always pleased to advise upon and produce specialist mixtures for the production of high quality sports turf, including golf greens and hard wearing football and rugby pitches.