The bounce back brassica

Skyfall is a bounce back brassica, which means it can be grazed and regrazed over summer and autumn unlike other brassicas. When sown in spring it is capable of producing between 12 and 14t/acre. Skyfall’s deep roots give excellent regrowth potential and the possibility of 3 grazings from one crop.

This regrowth, combined with strong drought tolerance makes Skyfall the perfect buffer in dry periods allowing silage stocks be saved for winter-use when they are more valuable. Skyfall is an ideal break-crop before an autumn grass reseed and can help reduce the build- up of weeds and pests. This is especially important if considering multi-species or red clover mixtures where spray options are limited.

When sown in spring it is capable of producing between 12 and 14t/acre

Skyfall Agronomy

  • Fast-growing. Ready to graze 10-12 weeks after sowing
  • Yields up to 14t/acre
  • High protein forage
  • Highly palatable, leafy crop for cows, cattle and sheep
  • Deep-rooting for drought tolerance
  • Regrowth potential – up to 3 grazings
  • Break-crop preventing weeds and pests in grass reseeds


Other Forage Brassicas


Kale is a brassica traditionally grown for grazing by cattle in the autumn and winter and is very useful in extending the grazing season.


  • Clubroot tolerant.
  • High yielding variety with enhanced quality.


  • Boasts the highest leaf:stem ratio in DAFM trials.
  • Has distinct purple pigmentation.


  • Swedes are a full season root crop mainly grazed in situ but can be harvested
  • and stored in a clamp. They are an excellent high energy winter feed.
  • Lomond
    • Ideal for finishing lambs post-Christmas.

Resistant to both powdery mildew and clubroot.

  • High yielding, leafy variety.
  • Produces a uniform crop with clubroot resistance.

Stubble Turnips

Proven to increase liveweight gain.
Produces large purple bulbs which are extremely palatable.

  Skyfall NEW
A bounce back brassica.
Can produce up to 3 grazings after April sowing.