Lawn & Garden

The lawn and garden is a place of good times – and when partnering with us, you get high-quality lawn seeds adapted to impress any neighbourhood.


Our exciting range of wildflower mixtures have been designed to create attractive amenity spaces that act as an essential food source for a range of animals and invertebrates, especially pollinating insects

DLF Lawn & Garden

A lawn isn’t just a lawn. It is a place for recreation, for fun and for play. Finding the right grass for a lawn depends on the circumstances. Is the lawn in the shade of trees? Or perhaps it’s bathed in sunshine with no irrigation?

Depending on the climate and the use of the lawn different solutions are needed. To improve performance, we test our grass in all common climates and conditions - hot, cold, wet, dry, sunny, shaded. We're continually refining the range to increase hardiness and reduce maintenance.

In the consumer market we fulfill customer needs by offering innovative concepts in a variety of turf solutions via DLF brands, customer private labels and straight varieties to the wholesale market.

Sport & Landscape


A traditional 100% fescue fairway mixture which delivers a fine and dense playing surface
with improved drought tolerance and disease resistance. Now includes the top rated
Rossinante strong creeping red fescue with unparalleled shoot density and visual merit.
Dumas hard fescue is included for increased drought and disease tolerance.


A top quality mixture designed to produce an excellent wear tolerant turf under shaded
conditions. Rough stalked meadow grass germinates rapidly, providing an exceptionally fine, dense, green sod all year round. For best results do not mow too closely and feed regularly.


PM 81 includes top-rated perennial ryegrass varieties to give unrivalled sward density and
wear tolerance. Tetraploid varieties bring the latest DLF genetics to ensure rapid
establishment, improved colour, drought tolerance and incredible disease resistance. This
mixture is suitable for new builds and renovation of high performance sports pitches.