DLF Grass Mixtures

Grazing Mixtures


DLF 4N Grazer

The grazing utilisation trait on the PPI is probably the most important trait to consider when selecting varieties for a grazing mixture. This trait indicates how well a variety is grazed out. Having varieties with excellent utilisation is not only important for animal performance, these high utilisation varieties tend also to be easier managed, achieving low residuals, less stem regrowth and generally requiring little if any topping. 4N Grazer from DLF is a unique all-tetraploid mixture designed for maximum grass utilisation.


DLF Grazer

Grazed grass is the cheapest feed available to Irish farmers and during the main grazing
season animal performance is achieved almost entirely from grazed grass. Having a grass
mixture with excellent quality, high grazing yields and low grazing residuals is critical to farm profitability. DLF Grazer is a specialist grazing mixture put together with our latest genetics based on the PPI and on-farm grazing trials with the DLF Partner Farm program. DLF Grazer contains a mixture of diploid, tetraploid and DLF’s NxGen tetraploid varieties
ensuring high yield and quality and excellent grazability. DLF Grazer will deliver good spring growth and quality grazing throughout the year.


DLF 6 Species Herbal Ley

A versatile multi-species mixture that will perform on a range of soil types. This mix is
capable of producing high yields of quality forage with very little nitrogen fertiliser. Choice
chicory and Ecotain plantain are the top varieties of these species and are included at high
rates to improve persistence and drought tolerance. DLF Herbal Ley also contains top rated
perennial ryegrass and clover varieties especially suited to grazing.


DLF 14 Species Herbal Ley

This multi-species mixture is suitable for a range of conditions from heavy soils to dry. The
diverse root structure of this mixture gives excellent nutrient-use efficiency allowing the
mixture to produce high quality forage without nitrogen fertiliser input. Mineral content is boosted by the inclusion of yarrow, burnet and parsley while a range of grass species make
this a resilient mixture.


Cut & Graize Mixtures


DLF Performance

Grazed grass and grass silage combined provides approximately 97% of feed consumed by
ruminants in Ireland. The seasonal profile of grass growth in Ireland generally results in the
production of large surpluses in late spring/early summer. This means the grazing of
livestock is often integrated with one or more scheduled silage harvests. In this scenario a
grass mixture that performs equally well under both grazing and cutting is required.
Designed for both grazing and cutting, DLF Performance is a highly versatile mixture with
the perfect combination of high yields, quality and persistence.


DLF Persistence

A dual-purpose mixture designed to produce a dense sward that supports early turnout and
an exceptional first-cut silage. Persistence contains top PPI varieties with a range of heading dates to give flexibility for both cutting and grazing. With over 50% diploid content Persistence is DLF’s densest and most persistent grass mixture.


DLF Heavy Soils

Designed for both cutting and grazing in challenging conditions

  • High proportion of diploids gives excellent ground cover and durability
  • Very early growth and ground cover from winter-hardy species like timothy and meadow fescue
  • Variety of species ensures excellent performance in heavy soils


DLF All Stock

A versatile mixture to cut or graze, suitable for all classes of stock

  • Good spring production for early turnout
  • Excellent first-cut silage yield
  • Timothy included for additional spring growth, palatability and winter-hardiness


Cutting Mixtures


DLF N Saver Silage

N Saver Silage is the top-selling red clover silage mixture from DLF designed to produce
high protein silage with minimal nitrogen input. As well as 4kg of red clover we have included intermediate and late-heading perennial ryegrass varieties to boost yields throughout the growing season.


DLF Perennial Silage

Grass silage is the second most important agricultural crop grown in Ireland after grazed
grass. Silage is the principle source of winter feed being produced on 82% of Irish farms and accounting for up to 30% of the feed budget in some ruminant production systems. To
maximise the potential animal performance and financial benefits of grass silage a balance
must be struck between yield and quality. A high proportion of perennial ryegrass in the
sward is critical to striking this yield/quality balance. DLF Perennial Silage does exactly this as it is an all-ryegrass mixture with each variety having a similar heading date to optimise yield and quality. This is an excellent mixture for use in a two- or three-cut silage system and white clover can be added for farms in derogation.


DLF Hybrid Silage

Hybrid Silage is the most intensive medium-term silage mixture available

  • Inclusion of hybrid ryegrass ensures exceptionally high yields of quality silage
  • DLF Festulolium varieties are extremely drought tolerant
  • Can be zero-grazed as well


DLF ZeroGraze

A unique dual-purpose grazing/zero-graze mixture that combines strong production and

  • Tetragraze hybrid ryegrass is bred specifically for intensive cutting systems
  • Contains intermediate perennial ryegrass varieties for early spring growth
  • Tetraploid varieties make excellent quality silage


Specialist Mixtures


DLF ProNitro Overseeding

ProNitro treated seeds contain 15% N to feed seedlings throughout the establishment phase

  • Unique seed coating that delivers N straight to the roots of establishing seedlings
  • ProNitro results in 34% more plants with 30% stronger roots
  • Ideal for rejuvenating damaged swards


DLF Low Input Pasture

Designed to thrive on very low N input in challenging soils

  • Higher mineral content than ryegrass-only mixtures
  • This mixture can produce quality hay
  • Deep-rooting species like cocksfoot and tall fescue provide drought tolerance


DLF Horse Paddock

Specially formulated low-sugar mixture for equine grazing and hay

  • Produces a hard-wearing dense sward
  • Low sugar grasses to prevent laminitis
  • Capable of producing a crop of hay


Organic Mixtures


DLF Organic Performance

An organic grass-clover mixture designed for maximum grass quality and utilisation

  • Contains top PPI grazing varieties
  • Festulolium provides strong spring growth, drought tolerance and offsets bloat risk
  • Grazing red clover adds extra protein and nitrogen for longer than traditional cutting
  • types


DLF Organic Silage

High protein organic silage mixture

  • 5kg clover/acre for high protein silage
  • Quality grass varieties to aid preservation
  • Festulolium provides early growth and drought tolerance


DLF Organic Multi-Species

An organic multi-species mixture to suit a range of conditions

  • Excellent summer production compared to grass swards
  • Ecotain Environmental Plantain is proven to reduce nitrate leaching
  • Chicory produces high quality forage through the summer months

Did You Know?

  • 1 tonne of grass DM costs ~€70 to produce – relatively cheap compared to grass silage (€160/tonne DM) and concentrate (€250/tonne DM)
  • Increasing the proportion of grazed grass in the diet by 10% can lead to a 2.5 cent reduction in the cost of producing 1 litre of milk
  • Each additional tonne of DM utilised is worth approximately €181/ha
  • Could reduce GHG emissions intensity by 4%