What DLF mixtures are you sowing this year?

Based on the latest DLF genetics focussed on grass utilisation, quality and production, DLF’s range of grass mixtures will improve production efficiency on your farm in 2024 and beyond

The 2024 grazing season has gotten off to a damp start but with milder and (hopefully!) drier times ahead now is an ideal time to start thinking about reseeding plans for the coming year.

Reseeding grassland is still one of the most effective ways to improve the profitability and sustainability of your farm. Compared to older swards, new grass reseeds can boost grass production by between 20-40%. More importantly, much of this additional production occurs in the spring and autumn when demand for grazed grass is high. New swards also have greater nutrient-use efficiency than older swards as well as better quality and utilisation. All these factors contribute to the efficiency of the farm system.

At DLF we formulate our grass mixtures to maximise forage yield and grass utilisation on Irish farms. In recent years we have particularly focused on breeding varieties that have the highest utilisation since utilisation is the main driver of animal production. In Ireland we are excellent at growing lots of grass, however, in many cases utilisation (the part that makes the €€€) is suffering in the race for bigger and bigger yields.

Our grass varieties include three of the highest rated Late Tetraploids for grazing utilisation available in Ireland – Nashota, Xenon and Aspect. All of these can be found across our grass mixtures range. We have highlighted some of our top-selling DLF Grass Mixtures below and show how they can help improve your profitability and sustainability.

4N Grazer

4N Grazer is DLF’s best selling grass mixture. It is a unique all-Tetraploid, 100% 5-star utilisation varieties mixture designed for maximum grass utilisation.

  • Contains only 5-star varieties for maximum utilisation and easy grass management
  • All late heading varieties to maintain grass quality well into the growing season
  • NxGen Tetraploids give diploid density without reducing graze-out quality

DLF Grazer

DLF Grazer is a specialist grazing mixture based on the latest genetics from DLF.

  • A mixture of Diploid and Tetraploid varieties ensuring high yield, quality and excellent graze-out
  • Includes Bowie, an ultra-late Diploid with the highest quality score in its class
  • Nashota and Anurad are outstanding Tetraploids with excellent quality and utilisation figures

DLF Performance

DLF Performance is a versatile Cut & Graze mixture with the perfect combination of yield, quality and graze-out.

  • Designed for mixed grazing and silage systems
  • High spring growth and quality from varieties like Nashota and Anurad
  • A mix of intermediate and late varieties for production and quality throughout the year

For more information on DLF’s mixture range see our new brochure DLF Forage Max Brochure 2024 (ipapercms.dk) or contact one of our grass and forage experts Contact Us (dlf.ie).