Quality Grass Mixtures

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Irelands only 5 star grazing mixture with Aspect and Xenon

DLF’s 4N Grazer includes Aspect and Xenon which both have the yield and quality of Tetraploids combined with the density of most Diploids.

A unique all-Tetraploid mixture for excellent quality and graze-out.

4N Grazer provides high grazing yields, low grazing residuals and excellent persistence.

DLF 4N GRAZER                                                                 
CUT AND GRAZE                                                               
55% Nashota (T) Late perennial Ryegrass
20% Aspect  (T) Late perennial Ryegrass
20% Xenon  (T) Late perennial ryegrass   
5%  Dual purpose Clover White clover blend



• Mixture based on DLF’s NxGen Tetraploids

• Xenon and Nashota, in particular, carry the density of diploids

• Xenon and Aspect are the top two varieties in Teagasc grazing trials

• All varieties are late heading for extended sward quality