DLF unveils new Corporate Visual Identity supporting the business strategy

A new Corporate Visual Identity (CVI) launches today, the 13th of September, to help build stronger brand recognition in the market and to reflect that DLF is truly a global company.

These changes follow a period where the company has gone through rapid expansion and development.

"Over a number of years, DLF has been on a growth journey. Now it is time to refresh our visual identity and show that we are truly a global, innovative and environmentally focused company. The new CVI reflects our global values and strategic standpoints," says Truels Damsgaard, CEO.

The corporate name, DLF, remains the same, but with the new CVI, DLF takes a step toward a more uniform and united appearance.

Our corporate visual identity is our look as DLF and signals who we are as a company. It reflects our global values and strategic standpoints of innovation & entrepreneurship, global synergies and environmental sustainability, and the DLF strategy.

The result is a new and refreshed DLF look, visualised through our website, social media channels, brochures, signage, presentations, packaging, etc.

The colours are chosen to support the brand and business. The two primary brand colours are green and blue. Green represents the end product, seeds, forage and turf products, and DLF's sustainable focus and approaches to seed production. Blue represents science and ongoing investments in research and development to develop better seeds to meet the present and future demands.

About DLF

DLF is a global seed company with more than 2200 employees in 22 countries and facilities on six continents worldwide.

With around 50% market share in Europe and 30% worldwide, there's a good chance the animals that provide your milk, meat, and wool gathered the nutrition they need from our forage crops. If you enjoy sport, you may well have seen your favourite team score on a pitch turfed with our grass. And if you like relaxing on your garden lawn, that too may well have begun life as a sack of our seeds.

We are the global market leader in forage and turf seed supplying seeds to more than 100 countries. We have a complete supply chain within forage and turf seed, sugar and fodder beet seed, seed potatoes and multiplication of vegetable seed - owned by Danish grass-seed farmers.