DLF Multi-Species Swards

Farmers are experiencing the benefits of a diverse grass platform and gaining confidence in including more diverse mixtures on the grazing platform

Multi-species swards are a sustainable source of high-quality forage. As well as producing high yields of quality forage, sowing a multi-species swards can lead to significantly reduced N fertiliser requirement, increased animal performance and health.

With constant fluctuation in the price of inputs like fertiliser and feed many farmers are looking at multi-species swards as an option to reduce their reliance on expensive inputs and increase their profitability.

Furthermore, multi-species swards produce a greater volume of quality forage in summer than grass alone and incorporating them into the grazing platform can lead to a steadier supply of grazed forage throughout the year.

Some farmers are even sowing these mixtures as a buffer against drought.

As the uptake of multi-species swards among dairy, beef andsheep farmers steadily grows, DLF receives many calls from farmers looking for advice on how to best to implement and manage this type of sward.

Apart from seeking advice on general management, there are three concerns among farmers that are repeatedly highlighted;

1. How to manage weeds?

2. Can it preserve as silage?

3. Is spring growth an issue?

DLF will guide you through everything you need to know about incorporating multi-species swards into your system and address any questions you may have along the way.

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DLF Multi-Species Swards (MSS) Agronomy Guide

What Multi-Species Mixture to Sow?


Contains perennial ryegrass, timothy, red and whiteclover, ribwort plantain and chicory. This mixture willprovide a good balance of productivity and diversityacross a range of soil types.

A diverse mixture of species means a more resilient sward to extreme weather events like drought

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